About Decentraweb

Decentraweb facilitates the use of the blockchain to champion a decentralized future of the internet.
Decentraweb's revolutionary, decentralized platform takes back the internet and DNS (Domain Name System) from the gatekeepers - allowing anyone to permissionlessly create their own decentralized identity on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Decentraweb is the leading provider of Top-Level Web3 Domains. We empower anyone to permissionlessly create .anything. As the owner of a Top-Level Domain (TLD), you can mint unlimited Web3 Subdomains such as absolutely.anything which can be used as a Web3 Identity or sold on any NFT marketplace.
Owners of our Web3 TLDs can also opt to stake their TLD allowing others to mint Web3 Subdomains at a price the TLD owner sets, empowering anyone to be a Web3 Domain registrar. Alternatively, a TLD owner can Privately Stake their TLD allowing exclusive access to mint Web3 Subdomains from their TLD through establishing an allowlist through a list of wallet addresses, ownership of an ERC721 NFT from a nominated Contract Address or ownership of an ERC20 token. Owners of any Decentraweb powered Web3 Domain can use their Web3 Domain as their decentralized website address, web3 identity, crypto wallet, chat address, email, and more.
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