Web3 Subdomains

Learn about Web3 Subdomains powered by Decentraweb

All users can register their own Web3 Subdomains from any Web3 Domain which has been staked by its owner. When registering a Web3 Subdomain, the registration fee and terms (renewable or no-expiry) have been set by the Web3 Domain owner and at time of registration have locked terms.

Locked terms means if you register a Web3 Subdomain from a Web3 Domain that has no-expiry (is expiry-less) at time of registration, and the Web3 Domain owner changes for new registrations to occur a renewal fee, because you registered when registrations provided Web3 Subdomains with no-expiry, your Web3 Subdomain will continue to have no expiration date. This is also the case if you register a Web3 Subdomain with for example a $10 yearly renewal fee and the Web3 Domain owner changes this to be a $50 renewal fee. As you registered at a time when the renewal fee was $10, your yearly renewal fees will continue to be $10.

Owners of Web3 Subdomains can utilize our core protocol utility by :

  • Using your Web3 Subdomain as your Web3 Identity Resolve your Web3 Subdomain against your Wallet Address for over 150 cryptocurrencies, use as your decentralized website address, your decentralized chat handle and more.

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