🛒Web3 Domain Registrar Sites

Create a Web3 Domain Registrar Site to contain your staked Top-Level Web3 Domains

Launched in July 2023, our Web3 Domain Registrar Sites are a great solution for owners of multiple Staked Top-Level Web3 Domains who want to provide Web3 Domain registrations.

Our Web3 Domain Registrar Sites are customizable by adding in your text, colors and logo. You can select which staked Top-Level Web3 Domains you'd like to include within your site. Users of your Web3 Domains registrar site can purchase multiple Web3 Domains from multiple Web3 TLDs in a single transaction.

Also contained within the Web3 Domain Registrar sites is a page where users of your site can set any of their Web3 Domains as their Primary Domain Record to use as their Web3 Identity.

How to create your Web3 Domain Registrar Site

Within our DNS Platform dns.decentraweb.org, ensure your wallet is connected and head to Your Registrar Page within the navigation

Your Web3 Domain Registrar's Name

Start by assigning a Registrar Name which will generate your unique Registrar URL.

In our example, we'll create a Web3 Domains Registrar site called Invincible Domains ✨

We can see that this name is available and has been assigned as our Registrar URL

Customizing Your Web3 Domain Registrar Site

Here we can customize by uploading your Registrar's Logo, select from using a light or dark theme and provide an accent color.

In addition you can also provide a Title for your Registrar's Homepage and provide additional text.

In our Invincible Domains example we've : - Added in our Logo - Opted for the Dark Theme - Provided our Accent Color - #aaede9 - Added our Homepage Title - Invincible Domains - Added our Homepage Text - Your destination for the best Web3 Domains! Press Save Changes and confirm with signature within your wallet

Add Staked Web3 TLDs to your Registrar Site

Next we need to add in our staked Top-Level Web3 Domains to our Registrar Site!

Once selected press save and confirm with signature within your wallet

Now we can visit our new Registrar Site by visiting our unique Registrar URL


Users of your Web3 Domain Registrar site can search for their perfect Web3 Domain from your Staked Web3 Domains that have been assigned to your Registrar site 🎉

Users of your Registrar Site can add Web3 Domains to their cart and transact in their selected currency.

Built into Registrar Sites is a way for your users to easily set Reverse Records, also known as Primary Domains, to their Wallet Address.

This translates their Wallet Address into their Web3 Domain, allowing websites and dApps to show their Web3 Domain instead of their Wallet Address ✨

Now the Reverse Record has been set, the wallet address in this example has been translated to our new Web3 Domain - yourname.yourtld ✨

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