Crypto Wallet Domains

Learn how to assign your Decentraweb Domain to your Wallet Address

When using Decentraweb Domains as Domains for your Wallet Address, there are two types of records

These Records can be set for both Web3 TLDs (e.g. .yourtld) and Web3 Domains (e.g. anything.yourtld)

Primary Domain Records are used for :

  • Replacing 0x Address with Domain within Websites using Namekit SDK or within Decentrachat

  • Send Crypto Payments from Domain

Wallet Domain Records are used for :

  • Receiving Crypto Payments to Domain (for 150+ cryptocurrencies)

To have all three use cases for your Domain, you'll need to set both Primary Domain Records and Wallet Domain Records

Primary Domain (Reverse Record)

Wallet Address -> Domain

e.g 0xA19b27b8f1d58dFB5B9bf2326DCb4E0c42A3a192 -> name.yourtld

You can only have one Primary Domain per wallet, per network (Ethereum and Polygon currently). Primary Domains are also known as Reverse Records and allow for your Wallet Address to be looked up by your Decentraweb Domain. This means web3 websites and app developers that utilize our Namekit SDK can lookup your ETH address to find your DWEB TLD or SLD and display that instead - making for friendlier UI/UX experiences with human-readable domains replacing where wallet addresses usually display.

Without Primary Domain Set

With Primary Domain Set

How to set Primary Domain Record

Connect your wallet you'd like to set a Primary Domain for to our DNS App -

Within My Account navigation dropdown, select Set Primary Domain

Select the Domain you'd like to use for your Primary Domain and press Commit. This will open up 2 txns within your wallet to approve and pay gas.

Following this transaction approving, refresh the page to see your Primary Domain has been set 🎉

When setting your Primary Domain, you can also add Wallet Domains which points the domain set as your primary domain to wallet addresses for 150+ cryptocurrencies. Learn more about Wallet Domains below.

Wallet Domains (Forward Records)

Domain -> Wallet Address

.e.g 🍕 -> 0xA19b...A3a192

Wallet Domains allow for your Domain to point to your Wallet Address, thus allowing for payments to your Domain, which in turn is pointed to your wallet address.

You can set Wallet Domains for up to 150+ cryptocurrencies per Domain

You can have unlimited Domains with Wallet Domain records set to a singular wallet address. For example :

🍕 -> 0xA19b...A3a192

name.yourtld -> 0xA19b...A3a192

anything.yourtld -> 0xA19b...A3a192

Wallet Domains are set per Domain. If you'd like to set Wallet Domains to your Primary Domain, you can do this when setting your Primary Domain Record.

How to set Wallet Domain Records

Connect your wallet that owns the domain(s) you'd like to set Wallet Domain records for within our DNS App -

Within the My Account navigation, head to My Domains and select the Domain you'd like to set Wallet Domain Records for :

Within Address Records, select the blockchain/coin you'd like to set a Wallet Domain record for and paste in the wallet address you'd like your Decentraweb Domain to point to for that blockchain.

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