Top-Level Web3 Domains

Learn about Top-Level Web3 Domains powered by Decentraweb

Decentraweb is proudly the leading supplier of Top-Level Web3 Domains (Web3 TLDs), with over 13,000 Web3 TLDs registered within our ecosystem.

All users can register Web3 TLDs using alphabetical, numerical and special characters in addition to emojis via our DNS platform, with the exception of ICANN registered TLDs such as .com or .org

Anyone can register a Top-Level Web3 Domain with Decentraweb from $50/yr using $DWEB Tokens or $100/yr using Ethereum for Ethereum Registrations or WETH for Polygon registrations

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Owners of Web3 TLDs can utilize our core protocol utility by :

  • Selling Web3 Domain Registrations through Domain Staking Stake your Web3 TLDs, setting registration fees and optional renewal fees, to allow other users to register Web3 Domains using your Web3 TLDs. Registration and Renewal fees are sent directly to your wallet, as the owner of the Web3 TLD used for Web3 Domain registrations/renewals minus protocol fees

  • Registering Unlimited Web3 Domains using your Web3 TLD Register unlimited Web3 Domains from your Web3 TLD within our DNS platform. Through registration you will mint your Web3 Domains as ERC721 NFTs which can be traded on any NFT marketplace or used as Web3 Domains.

  • Reserving Unlimited Web3 Domains using your Web3 TLD Opt to reserve unlimited Web3 Domains from your Web3 TLDs to disallow others from registering your reserved Web3 Domains. For example, if you owned .234 as a Web3 TLD, you may wish to disallow 1.234 from being registered.

  • Selling Exclusive Web3 Domain Registrations through Private Web3 TLD Staking Opt to Privately Stake your Web3 TLDs and allow exclusive access to register Web3 Domains using your Web3 TLD to selected wallet addresses or based on ownership of a token from nominated ERC20 or ERC721/A contracts

  • Using your Web3 TLD as your Web3 Identity Owners of Web3 TLDs can resolve their wallet address and set DNS records to their Web3 TLD in the same way they can with any lower hierarchal domains. Use as your Decentralized Domain for your Wallet Address for over 150 cryptocurrencies, as your decentralized website address, as your decentralized chat handle and more. For example, if you owned .steve, you can resolve .steve as your Web3 Domain for your wallet address, or use .steve as your decentralized chat handle.

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