Web3 Domains

Learn how to purchase Web3 Domains from community staked Top-Level Web3 Domains

With hundreds of staked community owned Top Level Web3 Domains, there's plenty of choice when it comes to finding your ideal Web3 Domain.

All Web3 Domain registrations occur a $2 USD service fee from Decentraweb. All other fees are decided upon by the owner of the respective Top-Level Web3 Domain owner.

To begin your search head to our DNS platform : dns.decentraweb.org and select Web3 Domains from the Register Domains drop down.

Alternatively you can click this link : dns.decentraweb.org/sld

Searching for Web3 Domains

Begin by searching for the name you'd like to use within your Web3 Domain. In this example we'll be searching for Web3 Domains that use "anything"

By searching for the name we'd like to use within our Web3 Domain we can view the available Top-Level Web3 Domains we can register our name against.

Prices are listed in $ USD and you can easily view registration fees and if there are renewal fees, how much these are per year.

You can easily filter your search results by selecting Filter Results. Here you can select which blockchain to register your Web3 Domain on, sort by popularity and price, select which character set the Top-Level Web3 Domain uses and also filter by length of Top-Level Web3 Domain.

In addition, you can also utilize the Search Top-Level Domains, if you have a Web3 TLD in mind that you'd like to register your Web3 Domain against.

Select which Web3 Domains you'd like to register. You can add as many as you like to your registration.

Web3 Domain Pricing

In this example, we can see that we've added two Web3 Domains to our cart. The pricing and terms of registration are defined and as we can see within this example :

anything.bored - Registration fee $8 USD with yearly renewal fee of $8 USD

For renewable Web3 Domains, we can register for up to 5 years within the registration process. Alternatively you can renew yearly before the Web3 Domain expires.

anything.epic - Registration fee $9 USD with no yearly renewal fee as the Web3 Domain has no expiry

For Web3 Domains with no expiry, these are permanent but can be transferred to other wallets or sold

When registering a Web3 Domain from a community owned Web3 Top-Level Domain, the prices are terms have been defined by the Web3 TLD owner. At time of registration, you agree to the terms and prices set. These terms and prices cannot be changed by the Web3 TLD owner and if the Web3 TLD expires, your Web3 Domain will still exist.

If the Web3 TLD owner increases or decreases the pricing or switches from no expiry to renewable or from renewable to no expiry, these changes won't effect your registration, as the pricing and terms defined at registration are fixed for your registration.

In addition to the pricing set by the Web3 TLD owner, there is an additional service fee added by Decentraweb :

Web3 Domain Registrations : $2 USD per Web3 Domain

Web3 Domain Renewals : $5 USD per Web3 Domain

Purchasing Web3 Domains

When purchasing Web3 Domains on Ethereum Network, you can pay for your Web3 Domains using $DWEB or Ethereum (ETH).

When purchasing Web3 Domains on Polygon Network, you can pay for your Web3 Domains using $DWEB or Wrapped Ethereum (WETH).

When you're ready to process your purchase, simply select which currency you'd like to pay with.

This will open up a transaction within your wallet for the total price plus network gas fees.

Upon approving and completing the transaction, you'll now be the proud owner of your Web3 Domains 🎉

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