⛏️Staking DWEB

By staking $DWEB Tokens, you can receive your share of 80% of all fees Decentraweb collects from Top-Level Domain registrations and renewals.

To stake $DWEB navigate to our Staking Dashboard : https://staking.decentraweb.org

How to Stake $DWEB

In the following example, we will be staking DWEB on the Ethereum Network. The process is the same for staking on Polygon/Matic Network. Simply switch to Polygon within the top right of the staking dashboard (ensure DWEB has been bridged to Polygon/Matic before staking on Polygon/Matic) Navigate to our Staking Dashboard, connect your wallet which holds your $DWEB and select Stake or Stake More under $DWEB within the navigation bar

If you are Staking More $DWEB and have unclaimed rewards, these unclaimed rewards will also be staked

Step One : Select DWEB Token

Step Two : Ensure all Prerequisites are met and acknowledge that you have read our Terms and Conditions

Step Three : Enter the amount you'd like to stake or select from our preset % of total options

Step Four : For first time stakers, you'll need to approve access to your tokens up to the provided amount. Press next and approve transaction within your wallet

Step Five : Confirm staking of your DWEB amount nominated within step three by pressing Confirm and approving transaction within your wallet

Step Six : Wahoo! Staking has been completed. Click the txn address to view your transaction on Etherscan. You'll now see within the Navigation Sidebar that your staking balance has been updated

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