Staking DWEB

By staking $DWEB Tokens, you can receive your share of 80% of all fees Decentraweb collects from Top-Level Domain registrations and renewals.
To stake $DWEB navigate to our Staking Dashboard :

How to Stake $DWEB

In the following example, we will be staking DWEB on the Ethereum Network. The process is the same for staking on Polygon/Matic Network. Simply switch to Polygon within the top right of the staking dashboard (ensure DWEB has been bridged to Polygon/Matic before staking on Polygon/Matic) Navigate to our Staking Dashboard, connect your wallet which holds your $DWEB and select Stake or Stake More under $DWEB within the navigation bar
If you are Staking More $DWEB and have unclaimed rewards, these unclaimed rewards will also be staked
Step One : Select DWEB Token
Step Two : Ensure all Prerequisites are met and acknowledge that you have read our Terms and Conditions
Step Three : Enter the amount you'd like to stake or select from our preset % of total options
Step Four : For first time stakers, you'll need to approve access to your tokens up to the provided amount. Press next and approve transaction within your wallet
Step Five : Confirm staking of your DWEB amount nominated within step three by pressing Confirm and approving transaction within your wallet
Step Six : Wahoo! Staking has been completed. Click the txn address to view your transaction on Etherscan. You'll now see within the Navigation Sidebar that your staking balance has been updated
Last modified 1mo ago