About our SDKs

Learn about our open-sourced javascript SDK for integrating and interacting with our Decentralized Domain Name System

The Decentraweb JavaScript SDK enables websites and application to utilize Decentraweb's DDNS technology. Whether that's to convert Ethereum addresses to friendly DWEB identities, allow payments to DWEB handles, or even recreate and extend the functionality on https://dns.decentraweb.org/. You can find the library on Github:


For integrating and resolving Decentraweb Names within your website or app. Also supports ENS Domains and provides limited support for classic ICANN DNS System Providing tools for :

  • Reading of Decentraweb Domains ↔ Wallet Addresses

Core Library

Our Core Library allows developers to integrate fully with Decentraweb and interact with our Smart Contracts.

Providing tools for :

  • Reading and Setting Decentraweb Domain Records

  • Reading and Setting DNS & Text Records for Decentraweb Domains

  • Registering Web3 Domains (absolutely.anything) and Web3 Subdomains (wow.absolutely.anything)

Decentraweb Resolver Service

Our Resolver Service is an open-sourced library for using Decentraweb Domains as Decentralized Domains/Website URLs within browsers

Decentraweb CLI interface

A CLI interface library to interact with our smart contracts via command line instead of using our DNS Platform

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