Top-Level Web3 Domains

Learn how to purchase a Top-Level Web3 Domain with Decentraweb

When purchasing and registering a Top-Level Web3 Domain, you'll first need to check the availability of your chosen Web3 TLD.

Begin your registration by searching for your ideal Web3 TLD at

Ensure that your wallet is connected to our platform to begin making your registration and purchase

If the Web3 TLD is available, you'll be able to proceed by adding the Web3 TLD to your cart.

Here you can select which Network to register your Web3 TLD on.

Selecting Chain for Registration

You can register Web3 TLDs on either Ethereum or Polygon.

Ethereum Registrations

You can pay with Ethereum or $DWEB (on Ethereum) for 50% Off Ethereum Web3 TLDs can create Ethereum Web3 Domains using your Web3 TLD

Polygon Registrations

You can pay with Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) or $DWEB (on Polygon) for 50% Off Polygon Web3 TLDs can create Polygon Web3 Domains using your Web3 TLD. Note : All Decentraweb Domain levels can be bridged Ethereum <- -> Polygon at any point. Learn more

Want to Purchase $DWEB? Learn more​

Checkout Process

Once you've selected your Chain for Registration, you'll be able to select your payment method.

Registering a Web3 TLD requires completion of a simple three step process. Within each step it's important to not cancel the transaction or modify the gas total.​

1. Request To Register

Select the request to register button to approve the first of two transactions to secure your domains. This will require confirmation on the blockchain and will cost blockchain gas fees.

Once you've selected Request to Register you'll see the following message within your checkout whilst the transaction is being completed on-chain.

2. Waiting Period

Once the previous request the register transaction has been processed you need to wait for 60 seconds. This waiting period is to ensure that another person hasn't tried to register the same Web3 TLD at the same time as you.

3. Submit Payment

Once the waiting period has ended you'll be able to select Pay Now to pay your Web3 TLD registration fees.

Please note that this fee will also require the blockchain's gas fee.

Upon completion of the transaction and payment you'll now be the proud owner of your Web3 TLD! πŸŽ‰

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