dwebs.to Web2 Bridge

Note that the DWEB bridge works with all DWEB TLD and SLDs (subdomains). Though the site may take 10-20 seconds to load the first time it's visited to generate the proper SSL certificate.

The ultimate goal of Decentraweb is to exist across all browsers, networks, VPN's, and web3 applications without the end user installing or configuring anything. In the meantime we have the DNS Resolver, the incoming Browser Plugin, and JavaScript SDK. The dwebs.to bridge is another way you can share your web3 content with web2 users. Any A, CNAME, or IPFS content records you set on your TLD's or subdomains should be accessible via dwebs.to in the following example: DWEB domains examples: http://sagan./ (IPFS content record set) dwebs.to bridge example: https://sagan.dwebs.to/ If you have pinned a folder to IPFS you can also link directly to assets like so: https://sagan.dwebs.to/image/record.jpg

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