💾Reserve Web3 Domains from your Web3 TLD

Learn how to reserve Web3 Domains from your Web3 TLD

When staking your Top Level Web3 Domain, you can stop others from being able to register certain Web3 Domains by reserving Web3 Domains from your Web3 TLD.

To Reserve Domains, head to the DNS Platform : dns.decentraweb.org

Connect your wallet and then select Reserve Domains within the Navigation

Select the Web3 TLD you'd like to reserve web3 domains for by clicking the eye icon next to the TLD

This will load this page where you can enter the "label" for the Web3 Domains you'd like to reserve.

For example, as we're reserving Web3 Domains against the Web3 TLD .yourtld and we want to reserve yourname.yourtld, we'd add the label "myname" in this field

Press Add and this will reserve the Web3 Domain

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