🖥️Web3 Domain Registration Widgets

Learn how to create a Web3 Domain Registration Widget for your Web3 TLD & add to your website

Having Web3 Domain Registration functionality on your website has never been easier thanks to your Web3 Domain Registration Widgets

Using our Widget Generator at https://decentraweb.org/widgets you can easily customize your widget to match your website's aesthetic and add in your staked Web3 TLD

Learn how to Stake Top-Level Web3 Domain here

Using the Widget Generator will produce a style iframe element which you can paste into your website. For example the code below, generates the widget previewed below the code.

<iframe id="decentraweb-minting-widget" title="Register Your Web3 Domain" width="100%" frameBorder="0" height="700" src="https://dns.decentraweb.org/register-subdomain-widget/yourtld?theme=dark&offset=969696"></iframe>

Users can connect their wallet to your widget and complete their registration from your Web3 TLD.

Following registration the user can set their newly minted Web3 Domain as their Primary Domain for their wallet address. Allowing them to use their Web3 Domain as their identity within Web3 and also for receiving payments to their Web3 Domain.

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