🤝Staking Web3 TLDs

How to stake your Top-Level Web3 Domain and sell Web3 Domain Registrations

By Staking your Web3 TLD, you open it up to allow others to register Web3 Domains using your Web3 TLD at prices and terms you set.

For example, say you own .yourtld and stake it for $100 per registration with a $10 yearly renewal fee. This means someone else could go ahead and register theirname.yourtld as their Web3 Domain. Paying $100 for their registration and then $10 yearly renewal fee.

Web3 TLDs registered on both Ethereum and Polygon Networks can be staked.

Web3 TLDs can provide both expiry-less and renewable Web3 Domains

How to Stake Web3 TLD

Head to the DNS Platform : dns.decentraweb.org and click Stake Domains

Select which domains you'd like to stake. You can select as many as you like, but in this example we'll be staking a single Web3 TLD.

Once selected press Stake

Setting Registration Parameters

Next we need to define our pricing and terms for registrations using the Web3 TLD.

Registration Fee : Set the $USD Price per Web3 Domain Registration from your Web3 TLD

Renewable/No Expiry : Select whether to provide Web3 Domains that need to be renewed yearly or Web3 Domains that have No Expiry Date

Renewal Fee : Set the Yearly Renewal Fee Price in $USD

Domain Art : Opt for Standard or Custom Art for all Domains registered from your TLD. Click here to read our guide on Custom Art

Note : 70% of all Registration and Renewal Fees will be sent to the wallet which owns and has staked the Web3 TLD, in DWEB Tokens or ETH at the current market value of DWEB/ETH vs $USD. The remaining 30% of each Web3 Domain sale is evenly split between Decentraweb Development Fund and the $DWEB Staking Rewards Pool.

In addition to your set registration and renewal fees, Decentraweb charges the registrant a $2 USD Service Fee per Web3 Domain Registration and $5 USD Service Fee per Web3 Domain Renewal

Once you've defined your pricing and terms, select Stake to proceed. This will open up a signature request within your wallet to approve the staking of your Web3 TLD.

There we have it! Web3 TLD has been staked and anyone else can now register a Web3 Domain from this Web3 TLD 🎉✨

How to Edit Prices, Edit Art or Un-Stake

At any point you can opt to edit your prices or un-stake your Web3 TLD.

When doing either of these, you won't effect the Web3 Domains that have already been registered/purchased from your Web3 TLD. The terms which were in place at the time of registration are the agreement between you and the registrant. You may opt to switch to provide renewable Web3 Domains, but if someone has purchased from you whilst the Web3 TLD was staked to provide Web3 Domain with no expiry then this agreement will stay in place for those already registered. The same applies for when you may decide to update your renewal pricing. If a user has registered their Web3 Domain from your Web3 TLD whilst your renewal fee for $10 for example, and you then increase or decrease this amount, the registrant will continue to pay $10 renewal fees, as this was the agreement at time of registration.

Select the Web3 TLD you'd like to edit prices for or un-stake. You'll then see the options highlighted below. Select Un-Stake to Un-Stake. Select Edit to Edit Pricing or Art.

Next Steps

Customize your Registration Page

Apply your brand colors and upload your logo to your registration page to share with your community

Implement our SDK into your platform

Want to allow your users to register and manage Web3 Domains using your Web3 TLD within your website, app or platform? Integrate our Core SDK for full integration of our technology.

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