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Using Domains Bridge

Learn how to Bridge domains between Ethereum and Polygon Networks
Owners of Web3 TLDs and Web3 Domains can now opt to bridge their domains. Our Bridge works between the Ethereum and Polygon Networks : Ethereum -> Polygon Polygon -> Ethereum
Navigate to and connect the wallet that holds the domains you'd like to bridge. Select which chain you'd like to transfer from and to
Step One :
Select which domains you'd like to transfer and select commence.
Note : • A maximum of 50 Domains can be bridged per transaction • You can have multiple bridge transactions running at the same time
Step Two :
Select whether you'd like to export any existing domain records meaning Forward Records (Domain -> Wallet Address). If you've assigned a Domain to your wallet address, by selecting yes for this option your Domain will resolve to your wallet address on the destination network
Step Three :
Select Approve and confirm transactions within your wallet. Gas is required to bridge your domains. Upon confirmation your domains will progress into our bridge.
Whilst Domains are within the Bridge, they will not appear within your wallet.
Bridging may take some time depending on how many domains you are trying to bridge. You can navigate away from the bridge page and return to view progress at
Step Four :
For Ethereum -> Polygon Bridged Domains, they will be automatically minted as Domains on the Polygon Blockchain
You can now head to My Domains within your Account, filter to Polygon and see your newly bridged domains
For Polygon to -> Ethereum bridged domains, you will need to mint bridged domains on the Ethereum Network, once they are ready to mint
Head to to see your preview transfers, select view within the Polygon -> Ethereum transfer
You will now be able to see the bridged domains. Select Mint Now -> and approve transaction within your wallet
Once the transaction has been processed, you will be able to select View Your Domains -> to view your domains within your account.
Our guide on using our Domain Bridge is now complete!
If you should have any questions or need help please reach out to us by opening a ticket within our Discord