Setting wallet addresses or a wallet alias (reverse record) on your DWEB TLD or SLD

Decentraweb TLDs and SLDs allow you to associate one or more cryptocurrency payment addresses to your domain. This allows any Web3 application or website that utilizes the DWEB SDK to be able to use a friendly DWEB TLD or SLD in the place of an Ethereum address. How to save an Address record: To save an Address record visit the DWEB DNS site and set the correct record on your TLD or SLD like below. You can only save one address per cryptocurrency.
The webpage is a good example of how this functionality works. By querying wallet.🍕 you get the ETH address associated. Type in your own DWEB address to verify you have set your record correctly. This webpage can be used to accept payments to your DWEB TLD or SLD.
Protip: You can change the defaults of the form using the query param name for address search: Or address for Reverse Record search:
What is a Reverse Record? A reverse record allows your ethereum address to be looked up by a DWEB TLD or SLD. Think of it as the opposite of an Address Record. This means web3 websites and app developers that utilize the DWEB SDK can lookup your ETH address to find your DWEB TLD or SLD and display that instead. It makes Web3 applications more friendly and easier to read. Good examples of this feature can be found on,, and where domain name aliases are displayed insead of wallet addresses, when available. Setting a Reverse Record
To set a Reverse Record visit the TLD or SLD you own on the DWEB DNS site and click the "Make My Wallet Name" button to save this record on the blockchain.
Select "Make My Wallet Name" to set your Reverse Record to this TLD or SLD. You must be the owner of this domain. Webpage:
You can test that your Reverse Record is working properly by visiting, selecting the "Convert ADDRESS to DWEB" tab and inputing your Ethereum address. It should resolve below the box to the selected Reverse Record:
Understanding Reverse Records and Crypto Payment Record Crypto Payment Records can point to any crypto address including ones that do not hold the DWEB NFT. This allows you to change to new wallets whenever you like, without moving the NFT or changing your website payment links. A Reverse Record is primarily used for identity online. Wether it's voting in a DAO or showing off your NFTs. An ethereum address can have only one Reverse Record but many DWEB TLD or SLDs can point to the same ethereum address. For example say you have 3 businesses based around 3 different DWEB TLDs. Each one can point to the same ETH address to recieve payment in one central place: wallet.🍕 -> 0x0CE51da7f31b56ecbd310DB54a2aa32e058AC3A2 pay.🍔 -> 0x0CE51da7f31b56ecbd310DB54a2aa32e058AC3A2 At the same time, this address can only resolve (Reverse Record) to one of (or a completely different) DWEB TLD or SLD: 0x0CE51da7f31b56ecbd310DB54a2aa32e058AC3A2 -> hello.bobs🏠 DWEB JavaScript SDK Are you an app developer and interested in building further. Check out the full SDK and docs on our Github!