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Ethereum vs Polygon Domains

Understand the differences between Ethereum based and Polygon based Decentraweb Domains
As of 8th November 2023

Domain Basics

Ethereum Domains
Polygon Domains
Register and Own a Web3 TLD
Register Unlimited Web3 Domains from your Web3 TLD (up to 20 per tx)
Ability to transfer Web3 TLD & Web3 Domains to another Wallet Address
Ability to renew Web3 TLD (up to 5 years per tx)
Ability to Stake Web3 TLD to sell renewable or expiry-less Web3 Domains
Ability to Privately Stake Web3 TLD to sell renewable or expiry-less Web3 Domains exclusively to selected wallet addresses
Ability to Bridge Domains of all levels Ethereum ↔ Polygon

Setting Records

Records can be set for all domain levels :
Web3 TLD - e.g. .anything Web3 Domain - e.g. absolutely.anything Web3 Subdomain - e.g. wow.absolutely.anything
Record Type
Ethereum Domains
Polygon Domains
Reverse Records - Set Domain to resolve against Wallet Address
Address Resolver - Point Domain to wallet address of over 150 cryptocurrencies
DNS Resolver - Add A, AAAA, CNAME, MX & TXT Records
Text Records - Add text records such as your email, website address, twitter handle, github to your domain
Content Hash Resolver - Add IPFS content to your domain
DNS Resolver - Use Domain as decentralized website URL when using Decentraweb Resolver (learn how to use resolver)

Additional Functionality

Ethereum Domains
Polygon Domains
Use Registration Widgets for easy registrations on your website
Create Web3 Domains registrar page
Use of our SDKs for integrations